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SofiaSkullMutant SofiaSkullMutant 7 December 2016

One year anniversary

Last year was a big year from me. Coming out and returning to school were two huge milestones that sort of skewed the scale of what would place on the highlight reel of 2015. Yet, I managed to fit in one more thing that would change my life for the better.

I started the wiki on a whim, on a busy school week when I should have been focusing on other things. I soon found myself spending hours a day, adding pages, adding art, and going through a ridiculous amount of tumblr pages to find who made that thing I saw, that I’m pretty sure exists and should be on the wiki.
I am immensely proud over the wiki. There’s still a lot I want to add, but with the help of some of the best wiki wookiees in the galaxy, we have a wiki with a lot of cool stuff, t…

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SofiaSkullMutant SofiaSkullMutant 5 February 2016

Engaging with creators

We are very lucky in our community in that the people who make the things we love are more than often happy to engage with us on twitter, tumblr, reddit and even here. But I think it is important that we remind ourself that this is an incredible privilege and by no means a right or a certainty.

In the interest of keeping our community as great as it is, I am writing this post to make sure we think on how we engage with Kat, James and the others, so that they will want to continue to engage with us.

Most of the people in the One Shot network are pretty active on twitter, and it is there were I primarily talk to them, so most of what I will write will be centred around that, but it should be applicable more generally.

  • 1 Friendliness
  • 2 To @ or not …

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Jhultgre Jhultgre 25 January 2016

R2-D20-bot update

So time to give a little update on one handy little droid, R2-D20-bot.

R2-D20-bot is a wiki bot based on Pywikibot and is a silent little contributor here on the wiki. He makes sure each episode of the various podcasts get their own episode pages and occasionally tidies things up when I tell him to. I thought I'd break down what he currently does and doesn't do.

  • Checks the main One Shot rss feed for new episodes a few times per day and creates new pages for them with the proper templates.
  • If the title from the rss feed has a number in it (Campaign counts) he will name the page correctly and setup next and previous episode links.
  • If there is no number in the title he just adds the episode title after whatever podcast it is and leaves the next a…

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