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Aava is an imperial agent introduced in the Prologue episodes of Campaign. She is featured in Evil Campaign where she is played by Kat Kuhl.

Official Background

Aava grew up with Grizelle Jorun on Dathomir. In her teens, she was given by the head of her Nightsister clan to Palpatine as a part of some deal to keep Dathomir out of the Empire’s nonsense and help flesh out his growing horde of Force-sensitive kids. Ever since, she’s been training as a dark side force user and rising up the ranks of his stupidly complex hierarchy.

She’s currently an Emperor’s Hand, which is a position that directly reports to Inquisitors, and is most usually wrapped up in assassinations.

The way she’s hooked up to the crew is that she’s personally had it out for Grizelle for the entire time the Mynock kids have known her. With Grizelle dead, she now seems pretty set on taking Tamlin on as an apprentice. She’s succeeded in kidnapping him before, and is the person who completed his Nightbrother slave tattoos. 

Her boss is Inquisitor Louphan, the woman in charge of taking in the Mynock.


At the beginning of Campaign and Evil Campaign, Aava is 23 years old. In the Evil Campaign Metalorn arc, Aava is shown teaching force-sensitive children on the Death Star.

During the Mynock Crew's mission on the Death Star (Prologue), Tamlin was taken from her care, and she ended up making out with Tryst.

Aava appears later on BHIKKE during the Phindar arc. She reveals her intense concern for Tamlin's wellbeing and force edcuation to both Tryst, whom she sleeps with, and Leenik, whom she has an unexpected heart-to-heart with.

Although she maintained with the Mynock crew that she was on Phindar for vacation, the audience later learns her mission was (along with Agent Zero and Blue) to effect the Imperial takeover of the planet. 


Aava most often appears calm and in control, and uses her sexuality to manipulate her surroundings. Even though she officially works to stop the Mynock Crew, she has her own agenda and often acts in a way that would seem to help the crew or go against her mission.

She is a firm believer in the teachings of the Sith, and embraces the power of emotions to achieve her goals.

Physical Description

Aava is slight, about 5'3" (160cm).[1]

Clothing: Aava Arek prefers black and red.

  • In Episode Fifty, Aava had a long shimmery black dress with a long side-slit and a plunging neckline. Tryst takes this dress.


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