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Agent Zero is a Gank bounty hunter working for Minister Blue.

Zero is featured in Evil Campaign where he is played by Tyler Davis.


Zero first encounters the crew of The Mynock on Mandalore during the Imperial attack on the secret Kaiburr Crystals show. During the battle, the bounty hunter severed Leenik Geelo's hand with a vibrosword.

Bacta and Leenik encounter Zero again during the BHIKKE Workweek when they find him DJing the party on opening night. Later that night Bacta runs into him and Rendezvous Valentine and dances with them before defeating Zero at holochess.

Physical Description

Agent Zero is a 6'3" (191cm) Gank in his early thirties who perpetually wears a helmet with a forward display, which is programmed to show emoticons in the place of facial expressions. He is often referred to as a cyborg, due to his left arm  (initially seen during the Mandalore Arc) being mechanical. Blue has ordered several different styles of arm for Zero to wear and use.[1]

Zero's "formal attire" is described as a broad-shouldered long trench coat tight around the waist and his formal arm.[2]

Zero's Arms

Blue has comissioned several different styles and kinds of of cybernetic arms for Zero. In every arm is a compartment for a straw, as he consumes pretty much everything through straws.

His arms are programmed by Blue and with them, Zero is able to make computer gestures. He often uses them to undercut Blue- which Blue is able to counter, but Blue let's him win 30-40% of the time when it doesn't matter, so Zero is still unsure if it happens or not.[3]

  • An arm he worn with his formal attire: bright yellow with a gray streak.
  • A camera arm that he used before finding Blue a flying droid; he apparently hates this one.
  • A stun arm.


  • Zero and Blue use what they call "The Zero System:" Blue tells Zero to assassinate someone and the gank puts his vibrosword to that person's throat while Blue interrogates them. The system works when they are not outnumbered.[4]
  • Zero apparently loves sending cat pictures to Blue.
  • Zero has little figurines of ships that he plays with.[5]
  • Zero's domain is the cockpit. He stays in the pilot sleeping quarters.
  • Zero is involved in the music scene and has shows (although Blue has never gone to one). He has remixed the Synox and Friends theme song into a "million" better versions and DJ'd at least one party at BHIKKE.
  • Zero is apparently 53% cybernetic parts.[6]
  • In episode 38, Blue calls Zero "0ni."[7]. According to Kat, "It's pretty unlikely that 'Agent Zero' is someone's name. 0ni's not really a name he gives out, tho."


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