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During a Dear Mynock letter (Episode 46) the theory was put forward that Bacta was a Black Widow, i.e. that everyone he kisses ends up dead. It was brought up since Both Sian Jeisel and Bai-Lee Crystal had ended up dead shortly after Bacta kissed them and the crew learned that Bacta had once kissed Obi-Wan Kenobi whilst they were out drinking (Dear Mynock letter, Flashback: Episode Ten.) As the crew are under the impression Obi-Wan died during Order 66, he is presumed to also be a victim of the curse.

Bacta vehemently disputes this, and uses the fact that he has made out with Tryst a bunch of times as proof.

Bacta has, since the theory arose, slept with Rendezvous Valentine who hasn't yet died, though it is unclear weather or not they kissed. He did however kiss Chartreuse, who was killed later the same day.

Possible theories for Trysts immunity:

  • It only works if it's true love. (Dubious, as Tryst has stated he loves them all, and of all the victims, Bacta seems to only have loved Sian)
  • It's all bogus and there's no such thing as a Black Widow Curse (Who let Bacta edit this wiki?)
  • Valentines are immune to the curse (Okay, no one has put forward this theory, but I'm doing it nowSofiaSkullMutant (talk) 08:54, September 15, 2016 (UTC)) 
  • Tryst has been affected by the curse but it's just taking longer to take him out than it took for Bacta's other victims.

Bacta's victims

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