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Campaign is a spin-off podcast from One Shot. It features a steady cast of characters, the crew of The Mynock, and is set in the Star Wars universe featuring the Edge of The Empire system.

Kat Kuhl is the game master, and the Player Characters (PCs) are former Clone Trooper Bacta (James D'Amato), Rodian bounty hunter and disguise enthusiast Leenik Geelo (Johnny O’Mara) and smuggler and self-proclaimed "sex - criminal" Tryst Valentine (John Patrick Coan). See here for the full cast.

Kat also plays the Twi'lek Lyntel’luroon, who is part of the main crew, and James and Kat co-play Force-sensitive Zabrak-child Tamlin Jorun. During the prologue episodes, Kat played Tamlin's mother, the Nightsister Grizelle Jorun. Most of the Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are played by Kat.

A lot of fan art has been done for the series, most of which can be found here. And fan fiction is starting to appear, as well!

The episodes listed here are sorted by release order and include the secondary series Evil Campaign and flashback episodes. Bonus episodes, not considered to be kanan, are found at the bottom. For an in-universe timeline of episodes, see Chronology. The crew of the Mynock have their own in-universe podcasts.

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Campaign has two tumblr accounts that reblog and post art, fanfic and other related material. One for regular posts and one for NSFW content. (Explicit)