Chuck Warzop is a customs official on the Phindar Habitation Sphere. He is described by his co-workers as a "wet blanket" for his strict adherence to the rules, but regards his job as very important for Phindian safety. He may be the station's only competent customs officer.


Before the events of Campaign, Chuck meets and marries Dr. Kabral, and they have a child. When their daughter is college-aged, the couple separate.

His friend, the Phindian Tuco Salamanca, was his best man. Tuco is invested in Chuck 'getting his life back on track,' and considers him to be in a dead-end job.[1]

Chuck also knows Zevowc, who regards Chuck as "a good guy."

The Mynock crew first meets Chuck shortly after his separation. They initially dislike him for being a stickler, but after they meet Dr. Kabral and find out about the separation, the crew is determined to reunite the couple.

Thanks to the meddling of the Mynock kids, Chuck reunites with his wife in Episode 57.


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