Dr. Melissa Kabral is a Duros, 5' 5" tall, and turned 54 the week before BHIKKE. When the crew meets her, she is wearing a white lab coat and a stethoscope with a clip-on panda bear. Lyn initially met Dr. Kabral on the Sartek family’s “veltuan grop” farm, where the doctor occasionally lent her services as a veterinarian. Later, during their “teenage smuggling adventures”, Lyn brought Karke to Dr. Kabral for medical assistance, after hearing that Dr. Kabral provided care to those who “did things on the sly". She is adamant about the proper care for pets, and is not at all persuaded that the crew of The Mynock can provide adequately for their space wolf Tony.[1]

At some point, she became romantically involved with, and married, the customs official Chuck Warzop. The two had a child together. However, Dr. Kabral has left Chuck, and they are currently in the separation process. It's implied their child (college age) has no idea about the separation.

Thanks to the meddling of the Mynock crew (sans Lyn), Chuck asks Dr. Kabral to try again, and she agrees to go to dinner with him.[2]


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