#dumpsterbondage is an Offical Hashtag of Campaign Podcast

Dumpster Bondage first appeared in Episode 33 as a goof when Leenik and Bacta, disguised as stormtroopers, were describing to civilans where they could find the real stormtroopers, whom they had tied up and robbed of their uniforms.

Leenik: "We're into some weird stuff."

Bacta: "Sexual stuff."

Leenik: "You know, like tied together, face to face, in a dumpster, stuff."

Bacta: "Dumpster bondage... You wanna get in on it?"


As Kat received an increasing amount of NSFW fanart, she decided to start a tumblr that could host them, so the art could be shared without their main accounts being NSFW.

It can be found at  It is now empty after tumblr had banned all 18+ content.