Opening Crawl

Separated! After several misadventures (attempting to avoid the minions of Jorj Car'das), our heroes are left with no choice but to send the alliterative team of Tryst, Tamlin, and Tony after the also alliterative missing Mynock. Meanwhile, Bacta and Leenik nobly stay behind to distract their pursuers. And what of their captives, Jane and Pliff? Are they going to make out? Only time will tell…


Plot Summary

With the party split, the ship missing, and Jorj Car’das hot on thair tails, the crew of The Mynock must get captured twice as hard if they want to survive this episode!

NPC Notes

  • James plays Tamlin.


  • If his name is Steve Palpenstein, then Vader is Palpenstein's monster, Adam Palpenstein.
  • Kat needs dice, guys!
  • Leenik is a disguise enthusiast with a full disguise kit.

Fan Contributions

  • First fan-submitted Tony Vornskr suggestion: For the next four weeks, it’s mating season on Myrkr.
  • JPC: Also, if listeners want to photoshop some dogs on motorcycles, please tweet those at me personally, because I would love to see some of those.
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