Opening Crawl

Departure!  After a narrow escape from the Imperial Inquisitor, the crew of the Mynock finally bids farewell to Mandalore.  Thanks to the brilliant impulse of Bacta and Leenik, the prison break provided the perfect preoccupation for pursuing pilots.  The crew has grown as Captain Trystan Valentine, Bounty Hunter Leenik Geelo, Clone Soldier Bacta, Explorer Lyntel’luroon, Force-sensitive child Tamlin Jorun, and 400-pound psychic space wolf of greater-than-human intelligence Tony Vornskr welcome best-selling author Neimoidian Sparks to their happy crew.  Although the Mynock leaves Mandalore in peace and relative safety, there are many questions that may only be answered by…a bottle episode


Plot Summary

Tuckered out from an elongated arc on Mandalore, the crew of the Mynock settles in for a lengthy conversation that takes place over not one, but TWO bottle episodes.  What excitement awaits Leenik, Bacta, Tryst, Lyntel, Tamlin, Tony and universally beloved author Neimoidian Sparks as they snuggle into the Mynock's limited kitchen booth space and dish out ice cream?  What thrills can be found in the depths of a teacup?  Pick up your clipboard at home and tune in to find out!

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