Opening Crawl

Cornered!  While Captain Tryst Valentine heroically invades the privacy of Jorj Car’das and practices his impressions, Bacta, Leenik Geelo and Tony Vornskr puzzle over what they should do with the dreaded smuggler’s unconscious body — and the strange device he implanted in Bacta’s arm moments ago!  And they must think quickly, as a small army of meatloaf-tainted smugglers are minutes from turning our spirited spacers into blasted bodies!


Plot Summary

They're out of combat, and out of time.  How will the guys get off the Bargain Hunter as the smuggler band shrugs off their nausea?  Also, we're coming up on the end of our first arc.  The boys are going to have to dogfight their way to freedom.  How does ship-to-ship combat even work?


  • New Weaponry
GM: Then Epsom, what (weapon) did Epsom have? He just had a —
James: I think he has nunchucks.
JPC: He has a bat gun that shoots bats.
GM: He has one heavy blaster.
James: A bunch of boomerangs shaped like little bats.
GM: No. And then the other guy has —
JPC: Bat-a-rangs.
James: Exactly! That’s good! That’s a really good portmanteau.
  • Tony's sneezing sounds just like blaster fire.
  • Leenik and Jorj have a meatloaf moment.
  • The Mynock proximity alert pillow.
  • Space directions are remarkably like stage directions.
GM: They are coming in on the left side, your side.
Tryst: Space left?
GM: Space left.
  • Epic space battle with The Bargain Hunter, The Head Hunter and The Geranium Balkan.
  • Bacta really really wants to rescue Jane and -- well, Pliff, not so much.
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