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Opening Crawl

Astray! As Bacta and Leenik stare into each other's eyes on a transport to see dread smuggler Jorj Car'das, Tryst Valentine, Tony Vornskr, and little Tamlin take the high road towards the stolen Mynock. But what secrets do the mountain woods possess, and will the boys be able to decipher them? Will they be able to wrest control of their ship away from this wayward member of ExplorCorps? Or are they headed towards another deadly trap?


Plot Summary

A new challenger approaches! Or, more accurately, each leg of the split party approaches as yet unseen challengers. As Bacta and Leenik bond with a kindred spirit, the unlikely trio of Tryst, Tamlin, and Tony skulk through Myrkr’s dense forests in search of an elusive ExplorCorps thief.


  • Clone War Enthusiasts do reenactments.
  • There is an Umbara holo drama coming up, Then Apocalypse.
The star-studded list of celebrities starts in this episode!
  • Leenik The Proud Parent
Leenik: We should set up a play date!  Upon learning that Tony the smuggler also has a son named Tony.