In which we finally earn our explicit rating. Listen!

Opening Crawl

Machinations! After hastily snatching Shinro, Gurt and D'phn, the boys of the Mynock are trying to subdue Samantha Zoth. It will not be easy, as she is currently locked in heated sexual embrace with Tryst Valentine. Will Leenik and Bacta be able to get their friend back on track before Zoth summons reinforcements? Or will Valentine put Vape before Victory?

Plot Summary


  • Force and Destiny Roll: Session continued from Episode Ninety Three.

Dear Mynock Letter

Dear Crew of the Mynock,
  This is a little embarrassing to write, but I'm out of options. I was once a guard at a prison you were captured in. I was struck by the fact that you never seemed concerned you were in this predicament and the fact that you seemed to be enjoying yourselves. A few days later you escaped and I decided that I needed to know your secret. I've been following you ever since, trying to learn your secret of staying so confident. Somehow I lost track of you at BHIKKE. Would you tell me where you went?
  Floundering on Phindar