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The boys pester the Verpine to give them dogs to eat. Oh, also they deliver them world shattering evidence of Imperial cruelty that could provoke a civil war. Tryst and Leenik seem pretty hung up on the dog thing tho. Listen!

Opening Crawl

Deliberation! Having captured and interrogated every Imperial officer aboard the Lode Mining Corps, the crew of the Mynock must now deliver their findings to the Verpine. But will our crew truly be able to express the importance of what they've found to a species as non-confrontational and non-sexual as the Verpine? And there's still the looming threat of Inquisitor Sahdett. Will the Verpine be able to accept the truth and take the steps they need to take in order to protect their species?

Plot Summary

The "Shinro-Tryst Sex Clock" from the previous episode's cliffhanger is resolved--the two of them did not have sex. As soon as the clock runs out, the shuttle arrives back in Carbon-15's orbit.

The crew of the Mynock ask the Verpine to provide holding cells for the Imperial officers they captured from Lode Mining Corps, and the representative over comms is audibly confused--then alarmed when they hear who exactly they've captured. Since the Verpine don't have prison cells, the representative offers the Grand Lichen. The crew doesn't know what that means, so they want to inspect it before agreeing to it. Bacta also mentions that they want to have a conference with Verpine leadership when they arrive about a trans-colony/species-wide political situation.



  • The pre-crawl opening for this episode, it is announced that Kat Kuhl has left the Oneshot Network and that the Star Wars Campaign story will end with the conclusion of the Roche Arc.
  • From this episode forward, James D'Amato takes over the role of host.

Dear Mynock Letter

Dearest Tryst,

At last I found you! Thank the Rings that it happened before you lost too much time. I'm sorry to contact you this way, but it's the only contract address that I could find for you. I know that we only spent a few nights together at the casino after the Slignar job--but I hope that they were as memorable for you as they turned out to be for me. We made no promises, and we had fun. That was what we both wanted, and finding you were a Ringist as well just made it all so much sweeter.

I tried to get in touch sooner, but you're a hard man to track down. It's hard for me to say it, so I'll simply say it this way: Tryst, I have a daughter. With you. She's ours--yours. I named her after the founder of the Ringist faith, which I hope you approve of: little missy Tachyon Valentine. I know this may come as a shock; hell, I didn't even think our species could produce offspring. Well, there she is, and she's amazing, Tryst. She's beautiful. She's smart and athletic, and I'm sure once she's older, she'll be a terrific pilot just like her dad. It hasn't always been easy for her to go to school--tentacles didn't grow as long as early as they do in other children, possibly because of her half-human biology, and she's the only one with hair, though it's the same blond as yours, which is beautiful against the green of her skin. Still, her cheerful smile and winning personality have meant she makes friends wherever she goes.

Still, she's getting to that age where she should meet her father. She sees your name and face on wanted posters, and I've told her all about you, so she knows that whatever you've done has been for the greater good. But it's my hope that you'll be able to find a way to come meet her sometime soon. We're staying on my home world, just south of the pools near the casino. I'm sure you remember the ones. I don't want to be specific for obvious reasons.

Anyway, please send 500,000 credits to the address below so that you can support your daughter in her time of need. She needs her father, Tryst, even for just a little while.


Ya Baby's Mama