Opening Crawl 

Hunted! The crew of the Mynock narrowly escaped the grip of dreaded smuggler Jorj Car'das, only to discover their ship is missing! Thanks to quick thinking, our heroes discover The Mynock is still within reach; however, they must outwit their very pursuers if they are to reclaim The Mynock and get offworld…


Plot Summary

With little Tamlin watching nervously from the dense underbrush of Myrkr’s Great Forest, the crew of The Mynock springs into battle against an unseen and deadly foe. Will the boys hold Car'das’ crew at bay, or will the unseen assailant send off a message to her employer, alerting him to the boys' position?

Another Unnamed NPC

  • This one is a human girl.
GM: She's got a name.
(Later) Tryst: God, I bet your name was Melissa.


  • I Weekend at Bernies'd Him (in which the crew does the exact opposite.)
  • Tryst with his hostage
Tryst: I'm drawing her in.
Bacta: Using the old Tryst magic.
Tryst: Giving her the old Tryst eyes.
Bacta: Sending her a Valentine is what he calls it.
  • Tryst -- Kiss The Girl Cinematic Moment
Tryst: The advantage is that as we’re doing this, a cloud --
GM: Is it all going to be making you look handsome?
Tryst: Yeah. It’s all going to be mood-based advantages.
Leenik: You remembered to put on cologne this morning.
Bacta: Mood-Based Advantages is the name of Tryst’s self-titled album.
  • Leenik and Tony Farewell Cinematic Moment
Leenik: Mama’s gonna be okay. She’s just gonna pull a mama and get captured, but I’ve done it hundreds of times and it’s always worked out.
  • Bacta and Tamlin Farewell Cinematic Moment
  • Tryst -- Speeder in the Sunset Cinematic Moment[1]

Just For Fans

Johnny: Somebody made a character sheet for Tony, and they are rolling for him while he’s off --
James: That’s actually a thing that I kind of want to do is allow fans to tweet in what Tony is doing at various points in the game.
Kat: Absolutely. We should do that. We will pick one Tony suggestion a week that I will work in, so write to me with Tony suggestions.
James: Yeah, either tweet them at us or send them to your tumblr --
Kat: I’d rather we don’t --
James: Oh, not everybody is on tumblr --
Kat: -- or email us at --
James: Not everybody has email --
Kat: --


  1. Campaign:Dogs on Motorcycles
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