Opening Crawl

Explosion!  While Lyntel’luroon monitors the siphoning of hyperdrive power from the Bargain Hunter, primary vessel of dread smuggler Jorj Car’das, Trystan Valentine mounts a one-man rescue mission.  However, he may already be too late, as Leenik Geelo and the clone soldier known as Bacta, upon hearing that their comrades Tryst, Tamlin, and Tony Vornskr may have perished in the meteor storm, have activated a hidden explosive device to expose themselves and their would-be captors to the gaping maw…of space!


Plot Summary

Roll for initiative!  With the hull of the Bargain Hunter busted open and the vacuum of space exposed, the Mynock crew's going to have to cling tight as they try to escape the dread smuggler Jorj Car'das!


Bacta: I'm gonna take your hand!
Leenik: How romantic!
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