A Trial Listen!

Opening Crawl

Hallucination! After capturing two of their three prisoners and navigating a savage series of sabotaged vehicles, Agent Arek and Agent Zero have discovered that Phinola Raqsis(sp?) is taking control of Imperial Command. After receiving a dire warning from Inquisitor Louphan, who they are still not sure they can trust. They must be wary of whatever dangers could lie ahead.

Plot Summary

Aava and Zero deal with some bombs and Aava has some serious visions.


  • Force & Destiny Roll: Same session as the previous Evil Campaign episode.

Dear Bluebird

Dear Synox,

My daughter keeps telling me that she's not interested in settling down because she's focused on her career. But I keep telling her, "Martha, you need to focus on findng yourself a husband--a nice boy from a good family." And then I thought, 'that Synox, he seems like very nice handsome boy and from a good family too. Problem solved.' Do you see where I'm going with this darling? Call me and I'll arrange a meeting. I'm sure you two would get along like a house on fire.

Bubbe on Bartha