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Flashback 4:  Scars on Socorro: A Tryst Valentine Adventure

Opening Crawl

Anamnesis!  Eighteen years before the Battle of Yavin, days after the annexation of Tatooine by Imperial forces, Smuggler Trystan Valentine, Bounty Hunter Leenik Geelo, Dark-Force Witch Grizelle Jorun, the Clone Soldier Bacta, and Astromech R2-D20 have managed to slip past Imperial blockades.  However, their respite is a short one, as Imperial reach spreads ever further into the Outer Rim. Their new ship was flagged and impounded by Imperial patrols.  In light of this tragedy, our heroes have decided to part ways, Grizelle following a faint presence in the Force, and the boys heading towards the lawless smugglers’ haven, Socorro.  We join our crew aboard a transport just outside Socorro’s orbit.


Plot Summary

Five years before their infiltration of the Murder Ball, the crew of the Mynock was not even the crew of the Mynock. On the run from the Empire, with no ship -- or lives -- to return to, our heroes found themselves in orbit around Socorro.  

On this planet of smugglers and thieves, Tryst Valentine confronts one of this greatest foes: his past.

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