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"The name of our gang is The Triforce of Courage. We call ourselves the Triforce so we all put our hands in a triangle."
— Tryst

Opening Crawl

Origin!  Twenty-six years before the Battle of Yavin, long before the galaxy fell under the shadow of the Emperor, and before the Clone Wars raged across Republic systems, there was a fragile and thinning peace.  The trade created by the Republic lavished countless worlds with bloated indulgence.  Not all places were as lucky as the Grand Civilizations of the Inner Rim.  The outer reaches of the galaxy, wild and all but untouched by the influence of the Senate, were a hotbed of crime and petty tyranny —and that most heinous and barbaric of practices, slavery.  The crown jewel of this abhorrent frontier is the desert planet Tatooine.  However, even in the darkest valley of despair, there is hope.  A young Trystan Valentine dreams of a better life, one of freedom among the stars.


Plot Summary

When a mysterious smuggler breaks into the home of a young Trystan Valentine, he offers Trystan and his friends what could be the deal of a lifetime.

Introducing Guest Players Stephen Kropa as Jubna, the Gamorrean and Mike Migdall as Musapha “Binbon,” the Jawa technician.  Gamemaster: James D’Amato


  • Jacinto Reth (voiced by James) tells young Trystan that reading is for suckers and declares that he can't read. Trystan seems impressed as he ponders this bit of wisdom.
  • 1,2,3 Triforce! is a thing that Trystan and his friends are trying, in an effort to be cool. It hasn't quite worked out yet.
  • All smugglers are easily identified by their vests.
  • Trystan's head is shaved because his sisters wait until he's sound asleep and relieve him of his hair.
  • Trystan is trying out the outrageous nickname "Tryst" very cautiously. He just might like it.
  • Trystan's sisters have kimonos they keep locked in their room.
  • G'mornin', Gamorrean.
  • Jacinto Reth's ship is the Krayt Fang. When asked if he had named it, his response: It’s a secondhand ship. I don’t get to name everything that I fly.