Campaign Flashback:  A New Dope

Opening Crawl

Culmination!  A young Trystan Valentine and his friends Jubna and Binbon have just risked their lives to recover a massive shipment of the addictive and lethal drug glitterstim.   In the process of recovering these drugs, they discover they were given this mission under false pretenses!  Jacinto Reth — the man who broke into Trystan’s home and threatened his friends at blasterpoint — is not the man he claimed to be!  Given this new information, our adolescent adventurers must form a new plan and squash their swindler.


Plot Summary

We're at the end of our first flashback, and Trystan Valentine, Binbon and Jubna are about to get up to risky business.  They've unanimously decided it's time to backstab jerkwad smuggler Jacinto Reth.  But in order to do so, they're going to need to call upon Teemo the Hutt.

Special Thanks

    • Stephen Kropa as Jubna, the Gamorrean
    • Mike Migdall as Musapha “Binbon,” the Jawa technician
    • Gamemaster: James D’Amato


Adolescents' Misperceptions

  • Teemo's Handwritten Birthday Cards
Jubna is confident that he and Teemo share a bond, based on these cards: I can go directly to Teemo, if you want.
Binbon: You don't know Teemo.
Tryst: You don't know Teemo.
Jubna: I know Teemo!
Tryst: He was not writing those birthday cards.
Binbon: The secretaries wrote those with a different handwriting every year!
  • Binbon's Flashback
Binbon: This is a bullshit flashback! This flashback was not remembered correctly! It did not go down that way!
  • Gamorrean Fun, er, Facts
Battle Day, normally only observed on Gamorr, is a mix between a bar mitzvah and Thunder Dome. It is celebrated by a Gamorrean adolescent boy -- who goes on a war rampage and becomes a man.
  • Jubna's Surprise
When Jubna uses the word "minutiae" correctly, the four-armed DJ scratches all four records he's playing, and Teemo the Hutt spills coffee all over his stomach.

Very Minor NPCs

  • Jubna's father: Gamorrean personal bodyguard for Teemo the Hutt.
  • Teemo the Hutt: Regional administrator for Jabba.
  • Gorra: Much younger than Gorak, he is from Gamorr, where his wife and teenaged son live.
  • Gorras: A huge guard employed by Teemo.
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