#Geelentine is the official ship name for Leenik Geelo and Tryst Valentine.


Geelentine by Aviv Or

This ship became popular very quickly after Episode Forty Eight, when Tryst and Leenik had to kiss to avoid being detected, twice. While Tryst seemed to treat it like nothing but a necessity and was seemingly unmoved by it, Leenik was noticeably flustered, giving rise to the theory that Leenik might be pansexual.

Origin of name

After the episode went live, people were unsure what to call the ship (as ship names are traditionally a mashup of the two characters' names). Both #lyst and #tyeenik were suggested, but the up-until-then unsung hero SkullMutant stepped up and suggested #geelentine.


  • Geelentine by Beka H
  • Geelentine by Becka H
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