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Jane is a smuggler working for Jorj Car'das. She joined his crew along with her dorky but kinda cute childhood friend Pliff. She turned out to be a pretty good smuggler and earned a couple of promotions quickly.

Although she first appeared in Episode 7, Jane's name was not revealed until Episode 8.

Jane and Pliff helped the crew of the Mynock on Myrkr, in exchange for being taken off planet. The two are left on-planet by the apparently uncaring Mynock crew.

After being screwed over the Mynock crew, Jane takes a dangerous post with another of Car'dos's ships, The Wild Karrde. The crew of the Mynock take Jane and Pliff to Phindar, where Leenik introduces them to Hessa and gives them a ship to leave the planet with.

Physical Appearance

When the crew meets her on Phindar, she is wearing her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail and wearing practical, easy-to-move-in clothing.[1]