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"Nobody wants to piss off his father, so he is kind of a little shit."
— Stephen Kropa

Unofficial Biography

Trystan Valentine's childhood friend Jubna the Gamorrean is played by Stephen Kropa in the first three Flashback: A New Dope episodes.  Jubna is on the higher end of the class system here. His father is the personal bodyguard of Teemo the Hutt and works at Teemo's palace, so Jubna has "connections" to the regional magistrate of the area.  Also Teemo sends him a birthday card every year.  Trystan sees Jubna for who he is, not this bully or self-entitled guy.  Like Trystan's childhood friend Binbon, Jubna is in love with Trystan's three beautiful sisters: Vous-Vous, Fling and Dalliance.  He is not a quick thinker, but he is loyal. He celebrated his Battle Day in the third flashback episode.