Campaign:Sidequest Episode One

Ok, first of all, Merry Christmas. Second, hard-boil some eggs and strap yourselves in for some very serious detective work. -   -   -   - Home for the holidays? Have some family who might be up to a lighthearted, controversy-free party game?


Dear Mynock

"Dear Trystan Valentine,

Does your job as a/an intergalatic sex criminal let you down? Do you ever wish you could live a carefree life of leisure? Well, my friend, my name is Cass Monet and I have quite a business opportunity for you. I'm an heir to a large fortune on Axum. Unfortunately, while traveling to Tatooine in pursuit of a lucrative business opportunity, I was robbed of my ID and credits and have no way of getting home. Fortunately, I've heard through a mutual acquaintance that you are a dependable sort of fellow so I feel safe making you this offer: if you would be so kind as to forward me the sum of 10,000 credits in order to expedite my processing, I would be able to pay you back a hundred fold once I get off world. Looking forward to a long and lucrative partnership.

Sincerely, Cass Monet

PS Don't forget to include your First Galactic bank account number so that I can make a deposit into your account."

Read by Lyn

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