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Campaign: Skyjacks is a long-form campaign podcast on The One Shot Network, and is a spiritual sequel to Campaign. Starting in 2018, it follows the crew of a skyship called The Uhuru through their adventures in the world of Spéir which is a custom universe based in part on the card game Illimat and the music of the Decemberists.

Game Mastered by James D'Amato, Campaign: Skyjacks follows the fifteen year old boy and navigator in training Jonnit Kessler (Tyler Davis), shapeshifter with a talent for cards Travis Matagot (Johnny O’Mara), otherworldly being and reliable helmsperson Gable (Liz Anderson), ship's doctor and anxious necromancer Dref Wormwood (John Patrick Coan), and the reanimated legendary pirate captain Orimar Vale (Nathan Blades).

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