"Tamlin is an orphan."
"No, he has a family."
"That's true. Tamlin does have a family."
"Was there any legal paper?"
"We are his family."
"Sure, sure."
"And there's no paperwork anywhere because...we're rebelling against the government."
"The type of person that we would turn that paperwork in to would execute us."
—Leenik, Bacta, and Tryst discussing Tamlin[2]

Tamlin is currently the only Force-sensitive member of the Mynock crew.

Official Biography

Tamlin is the youngest member of the Mynock, at the age of 5. Tamlin's mother, Grizelle Jorun, a former Nightsister, fled Dathomir when Tamlin was a newborn, and joined the crew of the Mynock. Five years later, she died during a mission, at which point the task of raising Tamlin fell to Bacta, Leenik, and Tryst.

When Grizelle fled Dathomir, a fellow Nightsister by the name of Aava Arek sought to reclaim the boy. Even with Grizelle gone, Aava still seeks to get Tamlin back, for what nefarious purpose we can only imagine.

Tamlin is particularly close to Bacta, but has a unique relationship with all three of his "uncles." These days, Tamlin's independent streak gets him in a fair amount of trouble, making Bacta concerned Tryst is too much of a bad influence on the youngling . Tamlin spends much of his time on the Mynock, along with Tony and a collection of force-dampening ysalamiri, including Bort and Mr. Pillow (Franklin). Tamlin has recently begun calling Lyntel his "Uncle Lyn," though he still calls Neemo "Mister Sparks."

Tamlin has taken on some of the quirks of the crew and made them his own. LikeTryst, he frequently winks, but hasn't gotten the hang of it and merely blinks in a significant way. He's also taken Leenik's habit of diary vocalization to speak out his internal monologues, although more in the style of the detective novels that Leenik reads him. 

Physical Description

Tamlin is a young child, age five as of Episode One. He has stark white skin, black tattos on his face, and little "nubby" horns.[3] He is 3'6" (107cm) tall.

List of Tamlin's Named Ysalamiri 

  • Bort (deceased)
  • Mr. Pillow/Franklin 
  • Mr. Toenails
  • Red Splotch

Quotes about Tamlin

  • "He's like a weird kid. He's a weirdo." -Neemo[4]
  • "He's very precocious and incredibly persuasive." -Bacta[5]


Photos of Tamlin

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