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Finally solved in Episode One Hundred Four : he is a Gank.[1]

What species is he? Nobody knows? Well Kat knows, and we can assume Tubaik himself knows, that's about it.

What DO we know??

  • around 6 feet tall
  • rangy
  • square face
  • black, beady eyes
  • yellow skin
  • gold fur
  • short muzzle with meat rending teeth
  • pointed ears
  • no tail
  • Not two Ewoks in a trenchcoat (probably) (definitely) (at least 90% )

The truth is out there

Confirmed not to be

  • Shistavanen
  • Squib
  • Wookiee
  • Bothan
  • Drall
  • A Teletubby        (...or IS he?)
  • Bimm
  • Cathar
  • Farghul
  • Thakwaash
  • Two Ewoks in a vester (unless)
  • The friends we made along the way
  • Togorian


  • Klatooinian
  • Lasat
  • Nalroni
  • Caamasi
  • Just a Furry
  • A fuzzy Bith

Mystery Solving Strategies

  • Excessive Wookieepedia browsing
  • Group chats
  • Convincing a player (probably Johnny) to once a session ask "Hey, did we ever find out what species Tubaik is?" and then rolling a xenology check until they succeed.
  • Scream into the void


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