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"Tony is just sitting between them. Very conspicuously? It’s hard to be inconspicuous when you’re a 400-pound wolf. Yeah. It’s the 400-pound wolf creature in the room."
— On situating Tony Vornskr in the cockpit [1]


Anthony Michael[3] "Tony" Vornskr is a vornskr from the planet Myrkr, picked up by the crew during the Myrkr Arc. Tony was adopted as a son by the Rodian bounty hunter Leenik Geelo after the vornskr attempted to attack the Force-sensitive child Tamlin Jorun[4].

He is prone to warp sickness (a table by Brian Schuder determines his symptoms).[5] Additionally, he is likely suffering ill-effects from being kept around the force-suppressing lizards on the Mynock, and from being separated from his natural habitat.


Tony's physical and mental capacity varies widely in the show and is a running joke. Earlier episodes treat him as a wild animal, while later episodes exaggerate the vornskr as a "400-pound psychic space-wolf with greater-than-human intelligence." Veterinarian Dr. Kabral states that Tony weighs 162 pounds and has the intelligence of a normal dog[6]. On twitter it was verified he is 6' (183cm) from tip to tail.

According to tumbr, Tony is currently 2 years old, born in 16BBY.

Tony wears one of Tryst Valentine's "sex collars" around his neck[7].