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Dak Rambo (voiced by Mike Migdall) the nastiest trucker this side of the robo-Mason-Dixon line. He is based on a lot of 80's action hero tropes. He is part of the NeoScum crew with Tech Wizard, Pox, and Z. He drives the crew 18 wheeler Xanadu through western 2077 America.


Dak is a tall human male with rugged features, including cat eyes, and a sandy mullet [1] which is always under a trucker hat. He is muscly and wears flannel[1].

There are many words to describe Dak Rambo's personality headstrong, impetuous and reckless are the first most people think of. He is a tough guy but with a heart of gold as can be seen when he interacts with Max, his sister's kid, and old lovers. He is a huggy person when it comes to people he likes which results in grapple rolls.

Dak has many tattoos all over his body.

  • smiley face that glows in the dark, shoulder
  • 2 wild with Scrapes birthday underneath, wrist

Skills and Traits

Dak uses guns and doesn't seem to have any special game related perks related to fighting.

He does have the ability Gearhead, which gives him advantage on rolls pertaining to his car specialty.

He gains


Dak has many ex-lovers.


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