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Dref is the resident doctor aboard the skyship Uhuru. He is also a necromancer, and was the person to reanimate and control the corpse of Orimar Vale. He is a nervous person, who speaks with a stutter. He has a university education and is very proficient in the forbidden arts.

Physical Appearance

  • In the first episode Dref is described as being about 5'8" with blond hair that is closely shaved.
  • He has the beginnings of beard and mustache but they have not yet fully grown in.
  • Dref is very gaunt, with bags under his eyes which makes him look like he hasn't slept, even though he has.
  • He wears a stained white doctor's coat with tons of little pockets.
  • He has glasses with a wrap around so that they don't fall off.


Dref, born Alastair Youngblood, was a member of a powerful family known to ally with the Red Feather Syndicate. He tried to hide his necromantic studies from them, as they stand stanchly against the forbidden arts.

Two years prior to the campaign beginning Dref ran away with the crew of the Uhuru. They invaded his university, and he saw an opportunity. He took up the position of ship doctor, despite being only seventeen at the time.


Dref and Orimar board The Civility together during the raid. They aim to sabotage the rudder, and on the way engage in battle with Civility crew members. Dref uses his control of the Captain to protect himself, but this requires him fixing the Captain's broken legs and the Captain getting run through with a sword.

They throw a crew member into the rudder's mechanism, splattering themselves with blood, which causes Dref to become very nauseous. He instructs the Captain to take him back to his quarters.

Burza Nyth

Dref hides his face with a bad wig and spends all of his time in Burza Nyth locked up in the hotel room. He begins to read the rule book for Aur Piora and keeps an eye on Orimar.

A few days into their stay Dref is found by his brother, Tiberius Youngblood, and his men. Dref casts a silencing spell on Travis, as a raven, to keep him safe. Tiberius confronts Dref and shows his disapproval for his practice of necromancy. They fight - Dref reanimates some of Tiberius' men - then Tiberius pulls out the cutting stone. He presses the two stones together, even though Dref casts a spell to keep them apart, and Dref, Travis, and Tiberius are pulled into the realm of the cutting stone.

Tiberius sends the cutting stone - now personified as a skeleton in a robe - after Dref and Travis, but Dref casts a spell to ensure it will only come after him. He is stabbed by the cutting stone, killing his physical form, but just before he dies he gets some of the answers he's always been searching for.

After Dref is cremated his heart is left behind as a relic. Travis uses it to control the Captain whilst in animal form.


On the way to N'Goni, Margaret casts a spell allowing the Captain's Council to communicate with Dref. He says he in a space between life and death, being hunted by the cutting stone. Orimar is there, too, and the two talk often. He says he is learning a lot of things he has always wanted to know, but knowledge seems to slip away in this realm. He sounds a lot more confident and no longer speaks with a stutter.

Everyone gets the chance to say a heartfelt goodbye.