James invites Jess Fink and Eric Colossal to get romantic with Emily Care Boss’s Shooting the Moon. In this episode the three build an American magical boarding school full of wonder, whimsy, and raw hormonal lust.



James, Jess and Eric create the setting and the characters for the game. Set in an American wizard school in the Harry Potter universe, nerd Ned Godkiller and thug Flyvaw Crankyshanks compete for the heart of the mysterious bad boy Jack Crow. Jack wants to be class president, but with his bad-boy reputation it is a near-unobtainable dream. But as the new moon draws close, increasing people's susceptibility to magic, a little magic hair gel might do the trick. Ned and Flyvaw set out to obtain the hair gel, and win Jack's heart.

After creating the setup, a short scene is played, where Ned tries to impress Jack by casting a third-grade Phoenix spell. Not used to Jack's heavy wand, Ned fumbles and permanently burns his eyebrows off.


Ned Godkiller

Flyvaw Crankyshanks

Jack Crow