Prologue Episode Six

Opening Crawl

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, when we last left our heroes, Leenik Geelo, Trystan Valentine, R2-D20 and Bacta, they were deep in Imperial territory, in pursuit of Aava Arek, dark Hand of the Emperor. They are on a mission to save Tamlin, son of Grizelle Jorun, and the key to the survival of a young rebel alliance. Our heroes followed Aava to a massive and mysterious Imperial space station being constructed in the Outer Reaches of the galaxy. They have discovered Tamlin in Aava’s quarters, but the boy they found may not be the same one who was taken. Can our heroes recover Tamlin? Will they discover the purpose of this battle station? Is this the end of the rebels? Find out on One Shot!


Plot Summary

In the bowels of the Death Star, Leenik Geelo, Trystan Valentine, R2-D20 and Bacta have found Tamlin Jorun. However, their rescue mission may be more difficult than they anticipated, as the obedience tattoos on the boy’s face have been completed.

Will our heroes be able to save Tamlin?

Can they escape the clutches of the devious Aava Arek?


Find out on the epic conclusion of ONE SHOT’s Star Wars series!


Tryst: I am not crawling around in air vents without a knife in my teeth.

Tryst: Most of me expects to get sucker punched.

There are many Bothans.

Nebulous Kanan

The events of this episode exist in Nebulous Kanan, as they were recorded for One Shot and before they decided to make this a long form campaign. The players have not quite found the characters' voices, and some minor events and descriptions contradict what is said in Campaign proper. The events could be considered Kanan unless otherwise contradicted in later episodes.