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Gable is the helmsperson aboard the skyship Uhuru. They are also a fallen angel, who fell two hundred years prior to episode one. They are strong and reliable, and the rest of the Uhuru crew listen to them in place of the Captain. They are also in charge of the birds aboard the Uhuru, and frequently ride them.


As one of the fallen, Gable is immortal, and also does not bleed. They fell when the stars fell, and floated in the seas for a time before washing up on the shore, where they first met Travis Matagot. Originally named Uriel, they took the name Gable for themselves from the ruins of buildings that they saw when they found themselves on the shore.

Physical Appearance

  • Looking at Gable is compared to looking at a magic eye image. It all seems to make sense until you look at any one part too closely. They are described as too tall, too slender, and with skin that seems slightly transparent sometimes.
  • Fallen angels don't have any concept of gender in the way that humans do, and Gable's presentation varies as they go with whatever is most convenient to them in any given situation.
  • They had long, silver hair, which they wore up in a complicated braid. They cut this in Episode 34, and now have an undercut.
  • They are wearing a sensible heavy leather coat.
  • Their height is 7'0"