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Gable is the helmsperson aboard the skyship Uhuru. They are also a fallen angel, who fell two hundred years prior to episode one. They are strong and reliable, and the rest of the Uhuru crew listen to them in place of the Captain. They are also in charge of the birds aboard the Uhuru, and frequently ride them.

Physical Appearance

  • Looking at Gable is compared to looking at a magic eye image. It all seems to make sense until you look at any one part too closely. They are described as too tall, kind of beefy, and with skin that seems slightly transparent sometimes.
  • Fallen angels don't have any concept of gender in the way that humans do, and Gable's presentation varies as they go with whatever is most convenient to them in any given situation.
  • They had long, silver hair, which they wore up in a complicated braid. They cut this in Episode 34, and now have an undercut.
  • They are wearing a sensible heavy leather coat.
  • Their height is 7'0"


Since the beginning of time Gable was an angel called Uriel. They would occasionally come down to Spier, usually to invoke divine retribution. One time they descended to see an angel who had been cast out of heaven and found they were still alive, despite having been impaled on a spike for several weeks. They tried to decapitate them, but they still did not die.

Uriel also paid a visit to the city Travis was born in and, seeing the cruelty of Travis' family, burned them in divine fire as young Travis watched.

Just over 200 years ago Gable killed God on an island.

After they fell to Speir Gable floated in the ocean for several months before washing up in Gavinport. They were found by a young Travis. Gable tried to choke him, and he tried to shoot them, thus beginning the complex relationship they have now maintained for two centuries. Gable chose their name from the ruins of a building they saw on a beach.

Five years later Gable met Travis again in the parlour of the Forest Queen. They played a game of Illimat in which Gable bet their true name, Uriel, and lost to Travis. Travis lost to the Queen and became a changeling.

Roughly twenty five years after that Gable finds themself imprisoned by the Church of the Slain God, once again with Travis. They have been there for eight years, him for six months. As a snake, Travis escapes and steals keys from a guard, but remains in the prison, taunting Gable with them. He claimed he stayed for the free meals, but most likely he wouldn't leave without Gable. The day they are due to be executed they escape.

Around a year before the campaign begins Gable meets Travis in a tavern. They were hunting him for a bounty, but instead of killing him they offer to neglect the reward and instead run away with Travis on the skyship Uhuru, which is docked at the port for a couple of months. Travis agrees to go with them, and two months later they both join the crew of the Uhuru, with Travis sneaking onto the ship.

Gable is present on the island during the mutiny and contributes to the decision to try and resurrect Captain Orimar.


Gable boards The Civility with Wendell and Nodoze to try and distract the crew whilst Jonnit and Travis rob them. Whilst fighting they discover that the captain of The Civility has been afflicted by the Mariner's Mark, and as a result they are affected by he drowning.

Gable bests the captain in combat, severing his arm, but in the process remove their coat, revealing the scars on their back where their wings once were. This leads to Dref learning Gable is a fallen angel.


  • Gable cannot bleed.
  • They are a thembo (supported by their low knowledge stats).
  • Smokes rope with Nodoze.