Open to four dogs riding acorss the land: Hig, Inez, Emmett, and Zadie. They arrive to a town struck by lighting, instantly going up in flames. As they arrive, many of the buildings have been burned to ash, but they do their best to mitigate the damage. Inez leaps into action, but a building collapses and singes her before she can help. Hig charges in to "set her off fire," while Zadie looks around for supernatural influences, and senses something evil congregating around the church. Emmett charges into it, and instantly sees a dead sheriff.

Hig starts forcefully setting up a bucket chain to mitigate the damage, with the help of Inez. Jeremy finds love with Florence, single mother of Jimmy. Emmett fails to see anything of value in the church, and eventually the fire is put out, but not before half the town burns down, including the saloon. Zadie and Inez head into the church. Emmett looks for alcohol, which he doesn't pay for despite Hig's recommendation.

In the church, Inez realizes the lightning looks like it struck straight at the Sheriff, and flashes back to a campfire conversation from a couple nights ago where the group shared spooky stories and talked about their varied, not so bright pasts. Zadie warns that whatever did this is still out there.