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Jonnit is the fifteen year old star watcher in training for the skyship Uhuru. He is also the bearer of a magical gift: he has a third eye in his forehead, which allows him to witness the divine light of the universe, and use magic. He has a friendly and upbeat personality.

Physical Appearance

  • Jonnit is described as being about 5'5" tall.
  • He styles his hair by shaving it on the sides of his head with Afro on top.
  • Jonnit wears a crimson red headband tied around his head.
  • His outfit typically is a cut off sleeveless shirt with pants that are too large for him.
  • He has a third eye which he keeps concealed under his headband.


Jonnit is from a small farming town on the mainland called Akaron. He grew up with his father and older sister; his mother wasn't in the picture. He also had a family friend called Hip who told wonderful adventuring stories, inspiring Jonnit to leave home to become a Skyjack.

As a young teen he found an angel's feather that, when he touched it, gave him his powers of sight and his third eye.

Jonnit did some travelling and was a part of some other airship crews before joining the Uhuru.

Jonnit snuck aboard the Uhuru, rather than auditioning.

Jonnit is present on the island during the mutiny and contributes to the decision to try and resurrect Captain Orimar, though he wasn't invited to the landing party; he hid with the supplies.


At a bar, Jonnit tries spirits for the first time, then wins a game of darts whilst very drunk by using his third eye.

Jonnit, along with Travis, are part of the initial boarding party onto The Civility. Their job is to disable the canons and get the featherweave off the ship. Travis is a coyote during this time.

They succeed, but Jonnit makes a sacrifice to a Luminary to do so. Each time he hammers a nail into a cannon he feels the pain of that nail hammering into his back and leaving a scar.

They succeed, and when Jonnit returns to the Uhuru the others find his presence to momentarily commanding that they listen to him as if he were in charge.


  • Jonnit is so confident in his future self that he can see visions of himself as a skyship captain.