Jonnit is the fifteen year old star watcher in training for the skyship Uhuru. He is also the bearer of a magical gift: he has a third eye in his forehead, which allows him to witness the divine light of the universe, and use magic. He has a friendly and upbeat personality.


Jonnit is from a small town on the mainland called Akaron, where he has a younger sister. He left home to become a skyjack, after touching an angel's feather which gave him his third eye. Due to this magic, he can sometimes see visions of his future self, who is a captain of a fleet of skyships.

Physical Appearance

  • In the first episode, Jonnit is described as being about 5'5" tall. He styles his hair by shaving it on the sides of his head with Afro on top. Jonnit wears a crimson red headband tied around his head. His outfit typically is a cut off sleeveless shirt with otherwise not well kept clothes.
  • He has a third eye which he keeps concealed under his headband.
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