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Orimar Vale is the captain of the skyship Uhuru. He died around six months before the start of the podcast and was reanimated by Dref Wormwood.[1]


As a child of the Bandari people, Orimar was brought into the Red Feather Syndicate when the two groups made a deal to work together. The Red Feathers did not uphold their end of the deal and the Bandari people were betrayed and robbed of their land. Though he was once a respected Red Feather privateer, Vale left their fleet and became an enemy to the Syndicate. He stole the Uhuru and became its captain, both to find The Bandit Queen after he had fallen for her [2], and to right the wrongs done to his people by the Red Feathers.

After leaving the Syndicate, he joined Sefa in leading the Tempest Armada. They planned to take power out of the hands of the Red Feather Syndicate, but couldn't agree on what to do about the vacuum of power that would leave. Vale proposed the two of them become the King and Queen, though Sefa worried about what would happen after Orimar's death. In response to this, Orimar became interested in the pursuit of immortality. His second in command, Calavar, urged him to search for answers. The Uhuru left the Bandit Queen's fleet after that and this was Vale's motive until he was betrayed by Calavar during an attempted mutiny.

The details are unknown, but Orimar has crossed swords with The Mariner before in the past.[3]

He gained a very powerful reputation over the years and his name is well known across Spéir. At some point in his career as a captain, Orimiar began to host young children on the skyship as a sort of rehabilitation and foster care system.[4] The job of screening and taking care of these children (often referred to as the many sick orphans of the Uhuru) was passed onto Gable, with the guidance of Spit.

Physical Appearance

  • "Orimar is a black man in his late 40's/early 50's. He stands taller than most men and radiates regal power, and stands like a statue carved to honor an emperor."[5]
  • "His hair is a wild mane of salt and pepper dreads. He maintains an impeccable mustache that he curls with wax. Vale is the living image of a romanticized idea of piracy. It lives in the smirk on his face."[6]
  • Wears a woolen red coat stolen from a Red Feather Captain
  • Eyes that ~twinkle~
  • Hot zombie rights!


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