With the crew ready to take a risk by attacking The Civility, our heroes must put together a plan of attack. Even with the element of surprise a battle with such a large ship could be costly.

Content Warning:

Reference to underage drinking 0:03:45-0:05:55.

Plot Summary

Opens up to the next morning with Jonitt waking up in his hammock under the stairs. He joins Dref looking over plans of The Civility, trying to figure out the best course of action to approach. Jonitt suggests an aerial approach as the least expected approach, and is sent by Dref to suggest it to Gable. Gable and Travis are making plans over the map table in the Captain's room with the Zombie Captain in the background. In an attempt to convince Gable to let others use the birds, Travis does a sailor's reading of them. He draws the Soldier and the Union as Travis bursts in, followed by Dref. Dref suggests a way to float the cargo out by repurposing the sails, so that it can be picked up later and conflict can be avoided.

After some argument, and stonewalling by Gable and Travis, Dref is finally able to convince them to give up a bird for transportation. The plan consits of Dref and Jonitt sneaking into the ship with Gable and Travis pitch a distraction battle on the deck. They plan a frontal assault as a backup plan, but realize that it would be impossible unless the guns were disabled. Realizing the attack would happen in Summer, Gable's Coyote season, they decide to sneak out at Night and attack at Dawn. They break out to prep for the assault and notify the crew of the plan. Travis steals some oil.

Dear Uhuru

A customer complains about the Uhuru's declining quality in delivery service via Uhuru Prime.