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The Mariner's Mark is a curse inflicted on those who hear the call of The Island and manage to escape. It manifests as a black spot upon their palm, and those that bear it hear the call of The Mariner calling them out to sea. Sometimes those who hear his voice end their lives trying to drown it out, while the rest slip into the sea. The latter group joins The Mariner's legion of drowned sailors.[1] The Mariner's Mark is something consciously afflicted onto its bearers by the Mariner himself, given to those he has shown interest in.[2] A Mariner's Mark does not immediately become visible, but when a Mark becomes a visible blemish, it is already too late to save that person from the Mariner's call.[2]

Known Bearers of the Mariner's Mark

  1. Captain Franz Fishhook[3]
  2. Jonnit Kessler[4]