Travis is the quartermaster on the skyship Uhuru. He is a changeling, cursed by the Forest Queen to transform into different animals every night depending on the season. He is snarky and sarcastic, an expert Illimat player (swearing that he never cheats), and inclined to stealing people's watches.

[INFO NEEDED HERE: which seasons do which animals correlate with?]


Travis was born over two hundred years ago, before the stars fell, in a busy city. His family was rich but cruel, they were killed by the divine retribution of Uriel (now Gable) for their crimes when Travis was ten. He was cursed by the Forest Queen when he was somewhere in his twenties, and is now immortal. He has traveled widely, and has used a number of alias during his long life. His signature drink is the Maelstrom.

Physical Appearance

  • Travis is described as looking like he is in his early 30s, but with stark gray shoulder length hair. His outfit was once nice, but is now a bit shabby, and he has a coat with many pockets and fingerless gloves. His height is 5'11".
  • His animal forms are all white with black eyes.
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