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Wolfstooth is a small settlement that the Uhuru stops at in Episode 1. It is seemingly run by Sonja, and thrives on trade with corsairs. As it is an independent settlement, it has it's own flag - a white wolf's tooth on a background of green and gray stripes.

Wolf's Bane Tavern

In Episode 2, the party go to the Wolf's Bane tavern to negotiate with Sonja. It's a lively place, with people singing and talking, and there is a "back room", a kind of lean-to tent structure, built onto the back with parts of ships. It has some kind of magical sound proofing, when you enter it the sound from the rest of the tavern is muffled. No one cares if you're old enough to drink or not, and in one corner there is a gaming parlour in which people play Illimat and the like. A younger Travis had carved "William was here" into the wood.